Who’s Behind Us

Who’s Behind Us

I thought about the beginning, when I see my first child was born. Immediately, my heart filled with warmth and I have the urge to provide him the best in everything. I believe, I am not alone in this. There are many parents that wish for the same thing – to provide the best for their young ones. But what is the best? After many research and readings I have made throughout the years, I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to share this with everyone? to everyone no matter race, class or creed.
A child has its first and most important learning experiences at home in parents and guardians’ care. On the first day of nursery, the child makes its first step into the big wide world of learning and increasing independence. The child learns to obey and accept rules, experiences order and reinforces its ability to concentrate. Children make friends, learn to consider others, make compromises and assert themselves.
Furthermore, our The Big House training and development team also emphasize that a child is born with a fully developed brain. How the brain matures further depends on the environment around him/her. When the brain learns something new, the brain cells make a connection, storing the information. Depending on how you want the child’s brain to develop, you must provide the required stimulus. For example, developing a child’s language skills involves reading and speaking to him/her. Developing other areas will require a variety of different stimuli.
I would like to say, except for parents, environment and appropriate stimulations play a big role in a child’s development. While the stimuli provided may not necessarily make the child a genius, they will definitely make it easier for him/her to learn new things later on. Maintaining our core values have always helped us deliver our promise of Develop with Love & Laughter and I am so excited to see what the future holds for the Big House.” – Eng. Mohamed Fahmy, President & Founder

About Us

The Big House is a nursery and preschool located in a distinguishable place in Qanayat city specializing in toddlers and preschoolers of age 3 years to 5 years..


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